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-Sponsored by the Biomed Offices of the University of California at Riverside


    The Health Careers Organization, sponsored by ASUCR and the Division of Biomedical Sciences, is dedicated to serving the needs of students inclined towards a career in medicine and the allied health professions.

    HCO's mission: Learning and Experience

    HCO is host to a wide array of lectures from physicians to philosophers who present topics ranging from the requirements of professional schools to issues on biomedical ethics, AIDS, and alternative methods to medicine. By presenting such a diverse group of speakers, we hope to inform all students on issues facing health care today. HCO is also registered with the Volunteer Service of Greater Riverside and has sponsored volunteer opportunities such as working with hospices, in soup kitchens, convalescent homes, and general and psychiatric hospitals. Such volunteer opportunities would give students the experience of working in a health care environment.

    With learning and experience, the student and prospective health can better prepare for career objectives which will increase their chance of reaching such goals. They will also have increased awareness of issues facing health care today. HCO wishes to be the mediator of such discoveries.

    This year, we will continue to serve as UCR's largest and most active channel of information for the prospective doctor and health professional. Our membership is open to all majors and is not structured towards Biomedical Sciences or any other major.


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